Past Events

July 16, 2024 Estate Tax Exemption Sunset
Thomas C. Shaw
June 11, 2024 Top 30 Best Practices When Advising Families with Special Needs Beneficiaries
Kristen M. Lewis, Esq.
May 21, 2024 The Private Family Trust Company, Directed Trusts and Other Powerful Alternatives
Mr. Al King
September 21, 2023 Asset Protection + Preserving a Legacy via Legacy Advantage
Vicente Pina
August 17, 2023 Social Security
Connor Jackson
July 20, 2023 Changing Children into Cheerleaders who Champion Chivalry
Professor Tom Simmons
June 15, 2023 Secure 2.0 and the Legacy IRA
Russell A. Willis III
May 18, 2023 High Performance Teaming & Professional Collaboration
Susan P. Rounds
September 22, 2022 The Core of Crypto
Kyle Pickner
August 18, 2022 Navigating the Current Charitable Planning Landscape: Tips for Professional Advisors
Ginger F. Mlakar, Esq.
July 21, 2022 Preparing for the Long-term Care Conversation
Bryan Langdon, National Spokesperson for LTC & DI, Ash Brokerage
June 16, 2022 Corporate Transparency Act - Transparency for the Feds: Overview and Application
Dean and Professor Tom Geu
May 19, 2022 Pandora Papers: The Rest of the Story
Terry N. Prendergast
September 16, 2021 Corporate Transparency Act
Mark Spitz, Owner, Spritz Legal Counsel LLC
August 19, 2021 Asset Rich, Cash Poor & Estate Settlement Alternatives using Life Insurance: How to help your clients understand, manage, adn leverage key resources that comprise wealth.
Roger McEowen, Professor of Agricultural Law and Taxation, Washburn University School of Law
July 15, 2021 Cyber Security and Cyber Assets: Trends in protecting your and your clients when managing today's most dynamic cyber assets.
Buzz Hillestad, SVP Information Security Consultant, DFIR Lead, SBS Institute Instructor, GCFE
June 17, 2021 Elder Abuse: Learn the signs, know the tools & help protect your clients and families.
CoPresented by: Chief Justice Gilbertson, Former Chief Justice of the SD Supreme Court and Benjamin Orzeske, Chief Counsel, Uniform Law Commission
May 20, 2021 Charitable Giving: Tiering Family & Philanthropic Goals in Estate Planning
Marc Littlecott, CAP, CGPP
October 29, 2020 Agility in the Age of Disruption
Leo M. Tilman, President and CEO of Tilman & Company
September 24, 2020 Mission Connected Leadership: Lessons from Two Decades in Uniform
Chris Raines, Founder of Madam's Creek Counsulting, LLC
August 20, 2020 SECURE Act and Financial Planning, The Impact on You and the Next Generation
Steve Parrish, Co-Director of The New York Life Center for Retirement Income at the American College of Financial Services
August 13, 2020 The State of Elevate
Tom Johnson, President & CEO of Elevate Rapid City
September 12, 2019 Beyond Bitcoin: Sorting Through the Hype and Hope of Blockchain
Jonathan A. Mintz, JD, TEP
August 15, 2019 Running Like Our Hair Is On Fire: Understanding How We Create Stress & Anxiety in Our Homes and Offices
Rex Briggs, MSW
July 11, 2019 Health Care Costs: Options Before and After Retirement
Aimee Lynn Johnson
June 11, 2019 Elevate Rapid City & Membership Mixer
Patrick Burchill and Joseph Wright
May 23, 2019 Estate and Financial Planning Nuggets
Martin Shenkman
August 17, 2017 A Closer Look at Your Social Security Benefits
Timothy Stauffer
July 13, 2017 BDIT'S: Beneficiary Defective Inheritor's Trusts
Michael W. Halloran
June 15, 2017 Estate & Life Insurance Planning for the Top 1%
Michael J. Rothman & Monica Rhee
September 8, 2016 South Dakota Special Spousal Property Trusts: South Dakota “Steps Up” to the Plate and Hits a Home Run for Surviving Spouses/Governor’s Trust Task Force Update
Terry N. Prendergast & Patrick G. Goetzinger
August 17, 2016 2015 Elder Abuse Task Force: Working to Prevent Elder Abuse in South Dakota
Quentin Riggins
July 14, 2016 Advanced Tax Planning Harnessing the Power of Asset Location
Kurt Kauffman
June 9, 2016 South Dakota Division of Insurance Health Insurance Update
Melissa Klemann
May 12, 2016 Understanding Your Family Business Clients
Beth Adamson
October 22, 2015 Planning for Estates Under $10 Million
Jordon Rosen
September 17, 2015 Lifelong Planning for People with Disabilities and Their Families
Megan Brand
August 13, 2015 Estate Planning for Digital Assets
Prof. Gerry W. Beyer
July 16, 2015 Top 10 Charitable Trends Every Advisor Should Know in 2015
Bryan Clontz
June 11, 2015 Cracks, Cracks, Cracks All Around; How to Patch Your Clients Financial Plan
Timothy Ripp
May 14, 2015 Retirement Income Planning – Challenges & Solutions
John Olsen
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